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Bees make honey and wax. Under their corpuscles are some wax glands. If they have to build a honeycomb of was, they eat honey and then go into long chains hang below each other, so they make a living with their bodies curtain. They produce heat that way, and this way is there liquid was formed in the glands. Once that was in contact with air, it is a solid material in the form of tiny, fine diamonds.

The bees pick up these with their hind legs on, bring them over to their front legs and keeping them than against their cheeks. They use their jaws as a Mason uses his trowel and build so cells that act as baby rooms for their larvae and inventory rooms for their pollen and honey. The comb in this way arises, the man melted and after hard be broken into pieces. This is now the raw material for beeswax. 

Beeswax melts at a temperature of 63 – 65 ° c and is regarded as one of the harder waxes. Beeswax gives furniture and floors a soft, matte shine and actually has only one drawback: he makes the surface somewhat sticky and therefore attracts dust. 

For a more reflective gloss (high-gloss) you must what a different kind of natural wax to add the beeswax, a technique that is also discussed here. The add is carnabauwas, was a vegetable species. This was also ensures that the mixture is less sticky.

Beeswax is rather hard and therefore he can be divided evenly only if he first made is soft. This is done by means of a solvent and under the influence of heat heat, so that it becomes a liquid form. Turpentine has traditionally been the solvent for beeswax. This fluid has not only of itself a penetrating, clean scent, but also brings the delicious smell of beeswax.

White spirit, also known as white spirit (the synthetic form of turpentine) can serve as a substitute for turpentine, but it does not have that characteristic odor. You would be a mixture of turpentine and mineral spirits (of both equally). The solvent evaporates as the wax is smeared. The pure wax layer.


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