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At the natural glues one can distinguish between:

  • skin Glue: the slowest drying glue, is gelatinous
  • Nerve Glue: gives a very good adhesion, does not dry as fast as bone glue
  • bone Glue: is very strong and is very fast hard
  • rabbit Glue: dries slow Isinglass: made of skins and bones of the sturgeon

The natural adhesives have the disadvantage that they increasingly moisture sensitive and that the accounting treatment is more difficult than for example a cellulose or epoxy glue. The advantage is that they have proven their reliability in the restoration.

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Bone glue, pearls, made from cow bone ca. 40mPas by kg
16,46 EUR  
Hide glue, cubes, made from cow hide  ca. 80mPas by kg
23,96 EUR  
Hide glue, cubes, high jely strengh,made from cow hide ca. 160mPas
23,23 EUR  
Glue plates, made from pure rabbit skin, 35 - 45 gr per plate
10,89 EUR  
Fish glue, highly viscous by 250 gr
15,73 EUR  
Salianski isinglass glue by 20 gram
25,41 EUR  
Fu - nori Japanese algae glue by 100 gram
68,97 EUR  
Klucel E ca 7 mPas by 100 gram
24,20 EUR  
Klucel G ca 300 mPas by 100 gram
24,20 EUR  

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