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BATTLE METAL 16 xX 16 cm

The battle metal, which in fact is an alloy of approximately 80% copper and 20% zinc, is usually offered in five colors. These colors are achieved by the alloy something to fit

Battle metal is usually applied with a water based mixtion, but sometimes also with oliemixtion. Battle metal is also not as nice polishing as gold leaf and the foldings remain visible. It is therefore not suitable for poliment gilding.

Instead of battle metal is often an aluminum foil with a gold coloured varnish used.

The varnish, the protective layer against oxidation, is usually a shellac or a colorless acrylic. The other varnishes contain some pretty sharp solvents, which may impair the underlying mixtion.

Instead of battle metal is often an aluminum foil with a Battle metal is like gold leaf applied to terracotta-coloured surface, but deep brown and deep red are also great. For aluminum or silver are usually white or grey tones used, but also black is a possibility. For certain purposes, it is also possible to use yellow, blue and green supports.



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