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Polishing is the name that was given to the technique, which originated in the France of the middle ages. By the end of the seventeenth century was the polished furniture has become very fashionable in many countries of Europe. This beautiful finish has even today are equal yet. 

Poli drive is a collective name for a number of different liquids that were developed around 1800. They consist of shellac, which is a secretion of the thyroid luis Coccus Lacca which lives on branches of some tree species.

The flakes are dissolved in alcohol and possibly under addition of other ingredients, to the drying and harding. The outpatient row is applied in thin layers resulting in a beautiful, extremely smooth mirror top coat that the color of the wood enriched and also accentuates the drawings

The polishing is a special technique where the working conditions play a very important role. Especially important are the temperature (between 18 and 20 ° Celsius), the correct humidity level if a dust-free area.


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